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This is an all serious post.
Magic Rebellion

[About the project]
Project Mikeithoria (Creative Commons BY-SA License at the moment, as noted in the blog) is a project about events taking place in a fictional universe that I (Felipe Augusto 'GhoulMage') made with the help of Llibert Sans 'Llibert II'. Details will come slowly with each release of the project (games, manga, videos, etcetera).

[About Magic Rebellion]
The first release of Mikeithoria (this doesn't means the real story begins there) is a 2.5D vertical scrolling danmaku game, similar to the Touhou Project danmaku games. It is made using the latest version of Unity Engine, Personal License, in the C# scripting language.

Ayumi Hikari's important medallion has been stolen by unknown people, with the help of Katashi Kaito, Mio Takayama and Naomi Takayama, she'll find out who's done it and make sure she/he won't repeat it.

[Future demo features]
2 Stages in two totally different routes.
Three levels of difficulty, generally harder than ZUN's Touhou Project danmaku games.
Ayumi Hikari & Takayama Mio for the North Route part of the history.
Takayama Naomi & Katashi Kaito for the South Route part of the history
Half lifes: You'll only lose the current bonus every two deaths through the game.
Double player mechanic: You control one player at a time, but they are interchangeable: When you press C in the game, within a specified delay and if you didn't lose a half life with the other, you'll change to the other (ie if with Mio, you'll change to Ayumi and vice versa).

[Team (Fire Tentacle Productions)]
Code, Music, Story scripter - GhoulMage
Sounds, 3D Models - Llibert II
Graphics - Llibert II, GhoulMage
Concept Art - GhoulMage, Llibert II
Story - Polished by GhoulMage with the help of Llibert II.

Thanks to...
Kinyobyok31 - For the base history. For the web page.
Salah - For a certain character desing.
Pep (a friend of Kinyobyok31) - For a certain character design.
People at the MotK forums - Extra feedback!
Friends, familiars, you - For motivation!

(note that this can change)
A date will be put here soon!

[Previews Section]

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  1. Hi there ! Here's Trico-yuuya from DeviantART, if you need help for graphism or sprites , I can help ^^


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